Charlotte Kent's Once Beautiful Property
A Little Bit Of History Charlotte Kent's Property
Until the Orleans Conservation Committee decided to promote and condone a bona fide Dog Park in a strictly zoned residential area, the neighbors and abutters enjoyed the peace and serenity of the properties they had chosen to live and retire in, and the knowledge that there was a 27.5 acre conservation area in their neighborhood.

They were able to enjoy, and marvel in, the wide range of wildlife, many species of which were classified as either "endangered" or "protected" in that area which was to be preserved for "Passive Recreation".

They were happy to take their friends and relatives down the various trails to view the numerous species of the plants, flowers, shrubs and others that are also "rare" or "protected" or "endangered" species.

No More!

Neither the state nor federal laws definitions of the term "Passive Recreation" include any reference to dogs whether leashed or unleashed.

Despite the false claims of those who want the dog park, there is virtually no wildlife left.

Since nearly everyone who uses Kent's Point now carry cameras, there should be at least one (1) photo disproving this. Try to find even one. WHY?

The dog URINE of 100s of dogs every day for decades has changed the soil chemistry. (Mutt Mitts don't catch urine) Most wildlife will not, and/or cannot, live in those conditions.

The rest are chased away by the unleashed dogs. Virtually ALL the above-mentioned vegetation is also gone.

These images were taken prior to the Conservation Commission's shameless efforts to establish their Dog Park.

They have refused to make any effort to prevent unauthorized use of the privately owned, maintained, and funded Keziah's Lane knowing a Superior Court ruling makes it clear it is NOT part of the legal access to Kent's Point.
Call your local representative or senator. Send them a link to this website.